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Ft Lauderdale, Florida
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POSITION SUMMARY: Research and analyze data to support business functions process knowledge and systems requirements in line with Kaizen and Lean principles. RESPONSIBILITIES/ DUTIES: Liaise with Corporate to assure alignment with P3E objectives and methodology. Coordinate and implement Kaizen workshops to implement new systems changes related to processes. Advise Kaizen teams in developing and implementing business performance solutions consistent with business strategies using quality methodologies and other strategic tools. Audits and controls area and operational activities processes and programs related to the Kaizen and Lean Environment process. Plan and organize Kaizen weeks. Support the team leader during follow-up meetings regarding Kaizen projects. Challenge conventional wisdom by demonstrating successful application of new methodologies to improve product and process quality. Monitor the improvement implementation conduct critical analysis review and approve each project conclusion. Coordinate and monitor the various departments to implement projects. Train and coach Cell Leaders and project teams in the use of process improvement tools and methodology to ensure timely completion of projects with expected internal and external customer results. EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE SKILLS LICENSES CERTIFICATIONS ETC : Education: Typically requires BS/BA Undergraduate Degree. Experience: Generally 5-8 years of experience in area of responsibility Experience with business processes Lean Six Sigma. Experience in coaching and delivering training at all levels of an organization. Knowledge Skills Abilities: Possesses and applies comprehensive knowledge of principles and practices in their work assignments which typically are complex in nature. Excellent communication presentation and facilitation skills combined with a strong analytical/technical aptitude. Excellent understanding of the organizations goals and objectives. Technical competency in Six Sigma skills Lean Kaizen process management change management and advanced statistical techniques is a plus. Solid understanding of Project Management Office (PMO) structure. Strong quantitative analytical and statistical skills. Preferred fluency in Portuguese combined with an extensive knowledge of the Embraer Culture. Strong customer service orientation. Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks while under pressure. Category: Professional Area: Company Excellence

We have built one of the largest aerospace companies in the world. This has been made possible thanks to the dedication of people from all over the world who have a genuine passion for stretching the boundaries of what is possible. It has been like this from the beginning, and we continue being guided by the desire to work with people motivated by this challenge. At Embraer, we pay attention to all the stages of professional life, which is why we offer educational programs and special projects that serve everybody, from talented youth to those looking beyond retirement. Here we have the opportunity to integrate different cultures into a global environment, and to follow personal development throughout the span of one’s career. Get to know the programs and positions we have available in Brazil and around the world. Understand that here our focus is on partnerships, human development, and allowing you to grow in areas that correspond to your interests. Come be a part of Embraer.

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Lean Consultant

Location: Ft Lauderdale FL

Industry: Aviation
Occupational Category: Business Operations
Hours: Full-time, 40 hours per week
Salary: USD 0

Description: Embraer seeks a Lean Consultant.

Research and analyze data to support business functions process knowledge and systems requirements in line with Kaizen and Lean principles.





Knowledge Skills Abilities:

Category: Professional
Area: Company Excellence


Educational requirements:

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Date Posted: 2019-3-11

Please Apply by: 2019-3-27