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Looking for an experienced Line Supervisor for a growing FBO in West Texas

Duties would include:

Ø  Assist FBO Managers in day to day operations of the FBO including but not limited to: line operations, fuel sales, hangar sales, new business development, customer relations, quality control, human resources and environmental safety and compliance.

Ø  Carry out management responsibilities in accordance with Company's policies and State and Federal applicable laws and regulations.

Ø  Knowledge of aviation fuel properties and related test equipment and testing procedures used to evaluate fuel quality.

Ø  Performs/and or manages qualitative inspections of fuel service equipment and aviation fuel in accordance with airport and industry guidelines (NFPA 407 & ATA 103).

Ø  Manages and is familiar with aviation fuel storage facilities and aviation fuel inventories stored therein, and ensures those inventories are in conformance to qualitative standards.

Ø  Responsible for establishing appropriate guidelines and procedures for equipment maintenance and use.

Ø  Establish a culture that promotes safety through daily observation, shift briefings, training and documented safety procedures, monthly safety meetings and routine audits.

Ø  Oversees and is responsible for personnel training, staff performance management, staff recruitment and utilization, procedural development and standardization.

Ø  Select, train, motivate and lead staff, conduct performance evaluations, implement performance improvement, discipline and termination procedures as appropriate.

Ø  Provide world-class uncompromising service.

Ø  Demonstrate a positive attitude at all times that fosters and promotes high morale.

Ø  Maintain regular interaction with customers to promote the FBO and to measure the level of customer satisfaction while using customer feedback to continually develop and improve upon capabilities and processes.

Ø  Coordinates the line service and ramp use requirements of transient and based customers.

Ø  Services and directs servicing of general aviation, charter operations and military aircraft including but not limited to baggage and cargo handling and ensuring the proper completion and customer satisfaction on all service requests.

Ø  Operates line service equipment, including fuel service vehicles, and maintains appropriate certifications and endorsements.

Ø  Coordinates line service shift activities concerning safety, security, maintenance and operations with supervisors and appropriate airport operations and maintenance staff.

Ø  Achieve and sustain Safety certification, professional line service technician and line service supervisor as specified by branded fuel organization.

Ø  Knowledge of general aircraft operating and servicing characteristics including those of general aviation and military.

Ø  Other duties as assigned.

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