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Houston, Texas
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Global Filtration has a goal of being a very successful PMA development company. PMA is an acronym for Parts Manufacturing Approval. This is a approved replacement part for the OEM original part. A PMA part is an approved part that is produced under a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) design and production approval. Global Filtration is currently an Production Approval Holder under CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) Part 21. Twenty two years ago Global Filtration had a simple Hypothesis, supply a better product at less cost and the airlines, operators, brokers, and maintenance operators will respond. It is a very simple theroy for success. Global's product offering for new FAA PMA products will include hundreds of PMA filters for oil, fuel, hydraulic, air, nitrogin gas, inerting systems and water for most types of Commericial, Regional airliners, Corporate aircraft and Rotor, ground support equipment and specialty industry waste elements. We are currently working on a new line of metal sintered media for all hydraulic applications for Boeing aircraft for Southwest Airlines and UPS to eliminate contamination on the Hydraulic systems. Since founded in 1995 we have been on the INC 500 list, Houston 100 list, recognized by the Better Business Bureau as a company of distinction. We serve the Corporate, Rotor, Regional and Commercial Airline communities.

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Sr Warehouse QC Lead Urgent

Houston, TX


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