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Embedded Software Engineer

Vescent Photonics
Denver, CO 80216
United States

Vescent Photonics seeks a junior-level embedded software engineer to develop firmware,

automate testing, and design GUI’s for its next generation of instruments and laser systems.

The candidate will be a highly-motivated, diverse, creative problem solver who enjoys making

valuable contributions to our small, cross-functional product development team of engineers and

scientists. Vescent is a small, growing company located in the Denver area that designs and

manufactures high-performance photonics products for the scientific research market.

Job Duties:

• Work with a small team of digital and analog engineers to produce software for products and

contract programs.

• Create well-architected and designed embedded software that is understandable, welldocumented,

and effectively tested.

• Develop graphical user interfaces for both embedded and desktop systems.

• Generate test scripts for aut...

Embedded Software Engineer job at Vescent Photonics
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